VIP TV show Season 1 DVD, Pamela Anderson bodyguard !

V.I.P. (Vallery Irons Protection) is an action-comedy TV series created by J. F. Lawton, starring Pamela Anderson, Molly Culver, Natalie Raitano, Shaun Baker, Dustin Nguyen, Angelle Brooks and Leah Lail. Pamela Anderson stars as Vallery Irons, a woman who accidentally saves a celebrity and then is hired by a real bodyguard agency as a famous figurehead, while the rest of the agency’s professionals (former members of the KGB, CIA, FBI) work to solve cases. Her lack of investigation skills ends up defeating the villains in every episode.

The first season of VIP was released on DVD, region 1 with closed-captions:

Actress Leah Lail (Kay Simmons in the show) is now a real-estate agent, she sells luxury homes in Beverly Hills : Leah Lail Homes and Estates.

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