Lexx TV Series Photo Gallery

Lexx TV series (1997-2002) created by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff († RIP) and Jeffrey Hirschfield. Starring Brian Downey as Stanley H. Tweedle, Michael McManus as Kai the Brunnen-G, Jeffrey Hirschfield as 790 the robot head, Xenia Seeberg as Xev Bellringer,Tom Gallant as the voice of the ship, Nigel Bennett as Prince, Patricia Zentilli as Bunny, Rolf Kanies as President Reginald J. Priest, Louise Wischermann as Lyekka, John Dunsworth, Walter Borden as ‘His Divine Shadow’, David Albiston, Eva Habermann as Zev Bellringer, Ellen Dubin as Giggerota, Minna Aaltonen as Vlad, Anna Cameron as the Time Prophet + cameos by Rutger Hauer, Malcolm McDowell and Tim Curry ! Lexx is one of the most bizarre and unique sci-fi TV series.

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Lexx photo gallery on DVDBASH (90 pictures) Yo Way Yo, Home Va-Ray, Yo Ay-Rah, Jerhume Brunnen-G !

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