Marx Brothers, A Night in Casablanca

A Night in Casablanca (1946, directed by Archie Mayo) is the 12th Marx Brothers movie, starring Groucho, Chico and Harpo. The movie was written by Joseph Fields and Roland Kibbee, and was distributed by United Artists.

Set in Casablanca shortly after World War II, escaped Nazi war criminal Heinrich Stubel (Siegfried Ruman) has steadily murdered three managers of the Hotel Casablanca. Disguised as a Count Pfferman, Stubel’s goal is to reclaim the stolen art treasures that he has hidden in the hotel. However, the only way he can do this undetected is by murdering the hotel’s managers and running the hotel himself.

The newest manager of Hotel Casablanca is Ronald Kornblow (Groucho), who is very much unaware that he has been hired because no one else will take the position. Inept Kornblow takes charge of the hotel, and eventually crosses paths with Corbaccio (Chico), owner of the Yellow Camel company, who appoints himself as Kornblow’s bodyguard, aided and abetted by Stubel’s valet Rusty (Harpo). In his many efforts to murder Kornblow, Stubel sends beautiful Beatrice Reiner (Lisette Verea) to romance the clueless manager…

Groucho Marx as Manager Ronald Kornblow, Harpo Marx as Rusty, Chico Marx as Corbaccio, Siegfried Ruman as Count Pfferman aka Heinrich Stubel, Charles Drake as Lieutenant Pierre Delmar, Lois Collier as Annette, Lisette Verea as Beatrice Reiner, Lewis L. Russell as Governor Galoux, Dan Seymour as Prefect of Police Captain Brizzard, Frederick Giermann as Kurt, Harro Mellor as Emile, David Hoffman as a spy and Paul Harvey as Mr. Smythe.

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