Arrested Development Complete DVD Series

Arrested Development is an excellent near-perfect TV show. If you want to LAUGH your ass off, you MUST buy the complete DVD series, you can have the DVD Box Set for only 17£ on here : Arrested Development – Season 1-3 [DVD]

Can you believe it ? French, Britons and Australians have their own Complete Series Box Set, but there is no Region 1 DVD Box Set ! (just an expensive bundle of the 3 seasons = 51$ !)

The marvelous cast of Arrested Development :

Jason Bateman

Just for the fun :

Portia de Rossi

Portia is married to stand-up comedian Ellen DeGeneres since Summer 2008, and she became a US citizen in September 2011.

Will Arnett

Michael Cera

Alia Shawkat

The excellent Tony Hale :

Jeffrey Tambor

The great Lucille ! Jessica Walter :

And (my favourite) David Cross :

Now, some carefully chosen pictures of this fabulous TV show :

Arrested Development had lots of cameos :

  • Justine Bateman
  • Alan Tudyk
  • Amy Poehler
  • Ben Stiller
  • Carl Weathers
  • Charlize Theron (excellent)
  • Gary Cole
  • Heather Graham
  • Henry ‘Fonz’ Winkler
  • JK Simmons
  • Judge Reinhold
  • Judy Greer (great)
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Leonor Varela
  • Liza Minelli
  • Patricia Velasquez
  • Richard Belzer
  • Ron Howard (Narrator)
  • Simon Helberg & John Ross Bowie (The Big Bang Theory)

Arrested Development is a fast paced TV Series. If english is not your native language (like me), you will need the subtitles, and sometimes you will have to press Pause and Rewind !

The dialogs of Arrested Development are so good that I wanted to read the script after watching the show.

Here’s a list of Arrested Development running jokes :

“Big Yellow Joint”
A song was written about the Bluth Banana Stand, referring to it as “the big yellow joint.”

Bleeped Content
Frequently, when a character goes on a verbal tirade, an excessive amount of bleeping occurs to hide the profanities which they are supposed to be saying. Characters usually also hold something up to their mouth, such as a coffee cup or a book, to cover their lips during the bleeping.

Undercover feds occasionally use the cover of a company truck or van, with the company name “Blendin.” This is a play on the phrase “blend in,” which the feds hope to do.

Carl Weathers is Cheap
When Tobias pays Carl Weathers to give him acting lessons, Carl tells him almost exclusively about how to be a cheapskate and not spend any money.

Les Cousins Dangereux
A film about two cousins who have a taboo relationship with each other. George Michael supports the movie because of his crush on Maeby; Maeby later remakes an American version of the movie.

Escape Attempts
George Sr. frequently attempts to escape from whatever his current imprisonment is (jail, house arrest, etc.).

Hot Cops
G.O.B. formerly was a stripper for a hot cops agency. Flashbacks to his former employment occur on occasion, as well as appearances by current hot cops.

A few remarks are made about going to Legoland.

Dr. Wordsmith
The doctor who typically deals with the Bluth family has a comedic habit of giving the family very literal statements about serious medical conditions, typical interpretations of which are very misleading. The Bluth family finally realizes the doctor’s annyoing habit, and as the series progresses, lets him finish his statements before making conclusions based on his misleading remarks.

Mr. F
The Mr. F musical interlude follows after anyone says “Mr. F,” which is believed to be the British personality who set up George Sr.

No Touching!
There is a “very strict no touching policy” at the visitor section of the prison which intermittently houses George Sr. When inmates touch a visitor, the guards yell “No touching!” to which the offending inmate holds his hands out to his sides and repeats “no touching!” This phrase is also altered on occasion, such as “No teaching!”, “No bees!” and “More Touching!”

References are occasionally made to the Peanuts comic strip/animated episodes.

Pop-pop is used doubly as a nickname for George Sr. and (notably) as a euphamism for intercourse. This originates with George Michael telling Michael that he “had Pop-Pop in the attic.” George Michael was referring to the fact that he was hiding George Sr. in the attic; Michael, however, assumed that he was referring to sex.

Say Goodbye to These!
This phrase originated with Kitty, accompanied by her flashing Michael. This phrase is used on other occasions as well.

“That’s Why You Never…”
This phrase is normally the preface to an elaborate lesson which George Sr. is teaching to his children (involving one-armed ). It is heard occasionally by other characters.

“Her?” and Misnomers
Family members frequently refer to Ann as “her?” They also tend to ask “What, is she funny or something?” Michael also has difficulty learning her name, and refers to her by such names as “egg,” “yam,””plant,” “bland,” “plain,” and “Annabel.”

Barry is gay
There are frequent references to Barry Zuckerkorn’s homosexuality.

“He’s Very Good”
Barry came up with the phrase “He’s very good” to advertise his skills as an attorney. Lucille uses this phrase frequently as well. Ironically, Barry is not “very good.” He is in fact quite a deplorable attorney.

Banners show up occasionally, either being ripped down by the stair car, or placed by the family and later altered. Also, GOB has the unusual habit of referring to banners as if they are a singular person, as in “Look at banner, Michael!” rather than “Look at THE banner, Michael!”
*Pilot – “Happy Trails, Pard’ner!”
*The One Where They Build a House – “Mission Accomplished”
* – “You’re killing me, Buster”
*Hand to God – “You’re killing me, Buster,” changed to “Welcome home, Buster.”
*Queen for a Day – Stair car takes down the banner at homecoming and the car dealership
*The Cabin Show – The “Mission accomplished” banner reappears
*Forget-Me-Now – “You’re killing me, Buster” is back, but changed to “You’re kidding me, Buster.” Additionally, the “* Love *” banner series begins with “Family Love Michael”
*The Ocean Walker – “Family Love Michael” altered to “Michael Love Marry” for Michael’s wedding
*Family Ties – “Michael Love Marry” altered to “Workers Love Nellie”
*Development Arrested – “Mount Up, Pard’ners!” instead of “Happy Trails, Pard’ner!”

Chicken Dance
Upon calling someone else a chicken, many family members have their own verson of a chicken dance, making fun of the target and attempting to behave like a chicken. However, this behavior is almost never anything chicken-like. G.O.B.’s version of the chicken dance is also extremely offensive in Mexico.

“I’ve made a huge mistake”
G.O.B. says this many times, in reference to something he has done wrong. The saying spreads to other family members as well.

Spanish Language
Many of the episodes detail several instances in which the Bluth family is unfamiliar with the Spanish language. Eventually, some of them grow familiar with the term “hermano.”

Zip Me Up!
Lucille asks whichever male is nearest her to “zip me up,” referring to whichever dress she is putting on. This is typically Buster’s duty, but occasionally happens to other male family members. This disgusts all of them.

Abbreviated Cursing
Buster abbreviates slightly offensive words to their first letters (e.g. “screwing” to “essing”).

“Hey…”/Back Rub
Frequently, Buster greets family members by saying “Hey,” followed by their relation to him (e.g. nephew, sister, hermano), then proceed to give them a shoulder rub. The humor in this arises in two occasions: 1)when Buster greets his uncle Oscar (who is possibly his father) upon entering Oscar’s trailer, who in turn attempts to rub Buster’s shoulders as well, resulting in them making strange circles around each other trying to give each other shoulder rubs; and 2) when Buster’s dismembered hand is replaced by a tendon-tearing hook.

I’m a Monster!
After losing his hand to the loose seal, Buster frequently forgets that his hand has been replaced with a claw. When reminded of this fact, he frequently yells “I’m a monster!” and goes into a tantrum, shredding objects in his proximity with his claw.

Missing Limbs/Seals
Buster is made uncomfortable whenever he sees anything missing a limb, anything referencing a missing limb (for instance, when his “Alarm off” button is covered to say “Arm off”), or seals.

Boyfights is a series of tapes George Sr. released of Michael and G.O.B. fighting. This fights were most always spurred on by George Sr. and often featured “Baby Buster”. Though the series was introduced in the third season episode Making A Stand, the premise of Michael and GOB fighting is long standing.

Caged Wisdom
After having a “religious experience” in solitary confinement, George Sr. releases a series of informational videos about Judaism called “Caged Wisdom.”

The cornballer appears throughout the series, usually burning the person using it.

Throughout the series, George Sr. displays a great love for food.
*Top Banana (“I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich.”)
*Good Grief (George Sr. is more interested in the catering at his fake funeral than the funeral itself, and has George Michael bring him several dishes)
*Fakin’ It (While Buster is in a coma, George Sr. attends Shrimpfest at a Red Prawn near the hospital)

Aztec Tomb
G.O.B. has an illusion involving the “Aztec Tomb,” which is used to fool audience members (“howdeydodats”) into thinking that the volunteer has disappeared.

Mr. Bananagrabber
G.O.B. suggests Michael create in his image, which indeed he does. Not only does have a segway, but the hairstyle and shirt bears a clear resemblance to G.O.B. also whistles when pronouncing the letter “S,” as G.O.B. does in this episode.

Failed Fireball
G.O.B. frequently attempts to use devices concealed within his suit to create a fireball to emphasize the fact that he is a magician. Almost all of the time this results in a failure (either because he is wearing the wrong suit, or because the lighter fluid fails to ignite). Usually lighter fluid spurts from his sleeve onto another person and he says “But still, where’d the lighter fluid come from?”

“The Final Countdown”
G.O.B. habitually uses the song “The Final Countdown” to accompany his magic illusions.

Whenever somebody calls one of G.O.B.’s stunts a “magic trick,” he corrects them, insisting that they are “illusions,” not “tricks” (e.g. “Illusions, Michael. Tricks are something a whore does for money”). However, G.O.B. frequently reveals his lack of consistency by calling his illusions tricks (e.g. “This is my least consistent trick…”)

G.O.B. mispronounces some words regularly, notably by using a soft “c” when it should be a hard “c” (e.g. “sirsumvent” instead of “circumvent,” or “sonsummate” instead of “consummate”).

Swallowing Keys
G.O.B. occasionally decides he has the need to swallow keys (e.g. to escape from prison). He has excessive difficulty with this.

Marry Me!
Maeby, in working at the movie studio, frequently uses the phrase “marry me!” as a diversion whenever someone comments on how young she looks.

Tobias proclaimed himself the world’s first analyst-therapist, with the poorly-conceived term “analrapist.”
Appears in:
*For British Eyes Only

Tobias and others hint towards his questionable sexuality frequently throughout the series. He also has a manner of speaking which makes him sound very homosexual (saying things such as “I just blue myself,” in reference to painting himself blue):

Tobias has a psychological condition known as “never-nude,” in which he feels extreme emotional discomfort at being nude, and always wears a pair of jean short cutoffs. He keeps this a secret, and the family members all eventually find out.

The complete Original Sound Track of Arrested Development is available here :

Arrested Development OST by Vinnie Rattolle

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