Dollhouse Amy Acker Dichen Lachman Olivia Williams Summer Glau

Amy Acker (Whiskey) is originally introduced in the series as the Actives’ general physician Dr. Claire Saunders. It is revealed in the season one finale that she is in fact an Active. Formerly the Dollhouse’s most popular Doll, she was attacked by Alpha with a pair of scissors, causing extensive facial scarring. Shortly afterward, Alpha killed the actual Dr. Saunders, and Whiskey was imprinted with his personality and skill-set to serve as his replacement before the events of the first episode.

We need more Amy Acker (without scars) !

Amy Acker plays Dr.Claire Saunders.

Dichen Lachman, the Ultimate Kathmandu Babe :

Sierra (her character) is a painter named Priya Tsetsang prior to having her mind wiped and becoming an Active. Unlike the other Actives, Sierra was committed to the Dollhouse against her will by a powerful man, after she rejected his advances.

Ten years after the events of the series, Priya is shown to have a child with Anthony whom she raises alone, as she mistrusts him and his obsession with imprinting technology :

Echo & Sierra (Eliza Dushku & Dichen Lachman) :

Adelle Dewitt (Olivia Williams), is the boss of the Los Angeles Dollhouse, but she answers to a number of superiors at the Rossum Corporation :

Echo and her boss :

Adelle DeWitt & Topher Brink (Fran Kranz) :

Summer Glau (small part too) as Bennett Halverson, the D.C. Dollhouse’s programmer. Prior to the events of the series (and becoming Echo), Caroline is Bennett’s best friend :

When a nerd loves a nerdette :

More pics to come…

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