Rome HBO Complete DVD Series

Rome is an historical TV series created by Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), John ‘The Dude from The Big Lebowski’ Milius (the controversial and Hollywood-y incorrect writer and director) and William J. MacDonald (who worked on Witchblade the TV series, see our previous post). The show was a(nother) success for HBO, but the filming was so expensive that the BBC choosed to end the contract after two seasons.

Rome is set in the first century B.C., during Ancient Rome’s transition from Republic to Empire. The series begins with Julius Caesar‘s conquest of Gaul (i.e. France, but you knew it), and the first season concludes with the assassination of Caesar [not really a spoiler] followed by the rise of Augustus the 1st. The plots focus on two simple soldiers, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo, who find their lives intertwined with key historical events.

The Complete Rome HBO DVD series Region 1 NTSC is available on for $60 here : Rome: The Complete Series (2009)

The Complete Rome HBO DVD series Region 2 UK PAL is available on for £22 here : Rome – Season 1-2 – Complete [DVD]

Le coffret de l’intégrale de Rome HBO DVD Zone 2 Français est disponible sur pour 60€ ici : Rome : Saisons 1 à 2 – Coffret 11 DVD

Did you know that Rome was filmed in Rome ? Yup, many scenes were shot in the legendary Cinecittà studios.

Here is a huge gallery of Rome the HBO TV series (110 photos, 70 Mb). Most are stills (no promo shots), starring :

  • Kevin McKidd as Lucius Vorenus
  • Ray Stevenson as Titus Pullo
  • Polly Walker as Atia of the Julii
  • Kerry Condon as Octavia of the Julii
  • James Purefoy as Mark Antony
  • Ian McNeice as The Newsreader
  • Coral Amiga as Vorena the Elder
  • Lindsay Duncan as Servilia of the Junii
  • Etc.

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