Six Feet Under promo pictures

Six Feet Under, another HBO brilliant gem

Six Feet Under is an American drama black comedy TV series created and produced by Alan Ball (Banshee, True Blood).

The series depicts members of the Fisher family, who run their funeral home in Los Angeles, and their friends and lovers. The show stars Peter Krause as Nathaniel “Nate” Fisher Jr., whose funeral director father (Richard Jenkins) dies and bequeaths to him and his brother David (Michael C. Hall) co-ownership of the family funeral business. The Fisher clan also includes widow Ruth (Frances Conroy) and daughter Claire (Lauren Ambrose). Other regulars include mortician and family friend Federico Diaz (Freddy Rodriguez), Nate’s on-again/off-again girlfriend Brenda Chenowith (Rachel Griffiths), and David’s long-term boyfriend Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick).

Six Feet Under is a family drama, dealing with such issues as interpersonal relationships, sexuality and religion. At the same time, the show is distinguished by its unblinking focus on the topic of death, which it explores on multiple levels (personal, religious, and philosophical). The show also has a strong dosage of dark humor and surrealism running throughout.

Six Feet Under is a very good TV show, almost as good as The Sopranos or The Wire. Don’t hesitate one second : HBO quality guaranteed !

60 high-resolution promo photos of the EXCELLENT HBO’ Six Feet Under starring Rachel Griffiths, Lili Taylor, Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodríguez, Mathew St. Patrick, Justina Machado, Jeremy Sisto, Kathy Bates and James Cromwell :

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