Why are quality Amaray replacement DVD cases so expensive and so rare ?

For years I’ve been searching for an European DVD case online store, with high quality cases (clear, not black !), a wide range of products and of course a reasonable price : there is no such store yet !

Amaray Ultra Clear 4 Disc 15mm : I want some !

Plastic is very expensive when you’re not a wholesaler, and you don’t need to buy pallets of DVD cases… Of course you can find cheap and ugly black DVD keep cases, but if you want premium stuff like transparent/clear casesquality plastic film/sleeve, multi-discs cases and additional trays, you will have to buy Amaray DVD cases.

Amaray 4 discs + 1-disc tray = 5-discs DVD case. I NEED this one for my broken 'Lost' finale DVD box set !!!!

I’m currently looking for :

  • Amaray DVD Case Clear 2 discs 14/15mm with booklet holders
  • Amaray DVD Case Clear 3 discs 14/15mm
  • Amaray DVD Case Clear 4 discs 14/15mm
  • Amaray DVD Case Clear 5 discs 14/15mm
  • Amaray DVD Case Clear 6 discs 14/15mm
  • Amaray Swing Trays Clear 1 disc
  • Amaray Swing Trays Clear 2 discs

Amaray 4 discs + 2-discs tray = 6 discs

I need this one for my broken Flash Forward DVD Box Set !!!

An example of DVD cases sold at an exorbitant cost :

50 Amaray clear 2-discs
+ 50 Amaray clear 3-discs
+ 50 Amaray clear 4-discs
+ 50 Amaray clear 5-discs
+ 50 Amaray clear 6-discs
+ Shipping fees from UK to France
= 283€ / 250 DVD cases ( $372 for 250 DVD cases !!! ) WTF ??? It’s just plastic !

Mill Creek Entertainment is a American DVD company specialized in movie compilations, such as Western Classics 100 Movie Pack (2007) or SciFi Classics 50 Movie Pack Collection (1953). Their movie packs are cheap, so are their DVD cases…and they have uncommon dimensions.  I’m looking for those ‘special’ DVD cases, like this one :

The standard size is 14mm, this one is 22mm ! (It's not Amaray)

Where can I buy professional quality / transparent / multi-discs DVD cases / trays in small quantity (100 pieces max. for each type) (European website) ?

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