Subtitles Position Fail – DVD ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ Region 1 NTSC

Caption fails may be funny or stupid…

…but sometimes dubbing/subtitling companies fuck up with the on screen subtitles position too.

These screen captures from the My Own Worst Enemy DVD (Region 1 NTSC, Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2009) were taken from the beginning of the first episode. The SDH english subtitles are displayed right on the actor’s faces…

Christian Slater as Edward Albright / Henry Spivey

Alfre Woodard as Mavis Heller, Edward’s N+1

Saffron Burrows as Dr. Nora Skinnern, Edward’s pyschiatrist

This subtitles nightmare happens at each episode during the opening scene…

And now, the rail fail :

This Trans-Siberian train is actually a french TGV ! Well…Russia or France, who cares, there is no difference for Hollywood !

4 thoughts on “Subtitles Position Fail – DVD ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ Region 1 NTSC

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