New York Manhattan Triple screen Multi monitor Wallpapers 5760×1200

You can quickly judge people by their (crappy) desktop wallpapers. Some years ago I became a multi-monitor display aficionado and decided to make my own triple screen wallpapers.

These triple display desktop wallpapers were made for three 24″ monitors in 1920×1200 pixels, i.e. a screen resolution of 5760×1200 pixels, and I suppose that they will look fine on a triple 30-inch setup too, with the same resolution. For extreme resolution setups, such as triple 2560×1600 pixels, i.e. 7680×1600 pixels, well…the picture quality won’t be as good.

I found amazing panoramic pictures of New-York City, Manhattan, Central Park on a skyscrapers website, and most of them (if not all) were taken by a talented photographer called RFC Graphics. I have just made some Photoshop cropping and retouching, e.g. making bigger skies so there’s more place for the desktop icons, removing some birds, planes or pixel thingies.

I personnaly never use desktop backgrounds (solid white is fine with me), but maybe you will be interested in these triple monitor ultra wide wallpapers 5760×1200 pixels, including 42 wallpapers of New York City (Central Park, Manhattan buildings, the bay and the bridges, the skyline, the World Trade Center twin towers), 2 wallpapers of the Harriman State Park (copyright RFC Graphics, also), 1 wallpaper of Paris by night and 1 wallpaper of Maggie Q as Nikita !

Re-up August 2017 :

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