Mutant X Complete DVD Series UK Release

Mutant X Complete DVD Series UK finally… The box is kind of ugly, but Mutant X was a nice sci-fi show produced by Marvel Studios, starring two great-but-underused Canadian TV actresses : Victoria Pratt and Karen Cliche.

There’s no information available on the audio tracks and subtitles yet, but we hope that the episodes are presented in correct order because Metropolitan and Seven Sept totally fucked up the French DVD release of Mutant X

Mutant X main cast : Victoria Pratt (Xena Warrior Princess, Cleopatra 2525, Daybreak) as Shalimar Fox, Lauren Lee Smith as Emma DeLauro, Karen Cliche as Lexa Pierce, John Shea as Adam Kane, Victor Webster as Brennan Mulwray and Forbes March as Jesse Kilmartin + appearances of Ellen Dubin (Lexx) and Noah Danby (Painkiller Jane), both Canadian actors, too.

Here it is : the (almost) definitive Mutant X gallery, including 72 high-res promo shots, stills and behind-the-scenes pictures.

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