Unforgettable TV Series starring Poppy Montgomery

Unforgettable is a TV Series (2011) starring Poppy Montgomery (Without a Trace), Dylan Walsh, Daya Vaidya, Michael Gaston and Kevin Rankin. The show was created by Ed Redlich, an executive producer on Without a Trace.

The series follows Carrie Wells, a female police detective with an unusually detailed memory. She has hypermnesia/hyperthymesia, a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything. She reluctantly joins the New York City Police Department’s Queens homicide unit after her former boyfriend and partner asks for help with solving a case…

Unforgettable TV Series Season 1 DVD UK PAL is available on Amazon.co.uk and will be soon released in the US : Unforgettable TV Series Season 1 DVD US NTSC

Unforgettable 53 promo pictures (100 Mb) starring Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells, Dylan Walsh as Detective Al Burns, Michael Gaston as Mike Costello, Kevin Rankin as Roe Saunders and Daya Vaidya as Nina Inara :

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