Breaking Bad TV Series

Breaking Bad (2008) is a TV series created and produced by Vince Gilligan, writer and executive producer of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen. Breaking Bad follows the life of Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), a struggling high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer at the beginning of the show. Walter turns to a life of crime, producing and selling methamphetamine (Blue Sky) with a former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), with the aim of securing his family’s financial future before he dies. Forget Mary-Louise Parker selling marijuana on Weeds, Breaking Bad is a dark and excellent drama series.

Breaking Bad Complete Series DVD Box Set UK PAL B00E3R33H8 (pictures here)

Breaking Bad TV Series promo pictures (93 hi-res photos and wallpapers, 123 Mb), starring Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks and Giancarlo Esposito :

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