Alfons Mucha’s Art Nouveau works

Alfons Mucha‘s Art Nouveau Works

A selection of 130 Mucha‘s decorative paintings, illustrations, posters and advertisements, most from his Art Nouveau Parisian period (although he didn’t like to be labeled as an Art Nouveau artist).

Including works for actress Sarah Bernhardt, for brands such as Nestlé, Lefêvre-Utile, Moët & Chandon / Heidsieck / Ruinart Champagnes etc.

6 thoughts on “Alfons Mucha’s Art Nouveau works

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    • Mucha was born Alfons Maria Mucha on July 24, 1860, in Ivančice, Moravia, Austrian Empire. When he moved to Paris in 1887, French people wrote his name “Alphonse”, à la française.
      “Alfons” is the Czech written form, Mucha was Czech, his official name (postal adress) was “Alfons”, and if you visit the Mucha Museum or the City Gallery in Prague, you will see some paintings by “Alfons” Mucha. If you’re going to lecture someone, at least check your sources.

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