The Wire Season 1 Photo Gallery


Five-O, Five-O ! The Wire Season 1 Photo Gallery

The Wire is one of the most immersive and realistic TV cop show ever produced. Thanks to David Simon (Homicide : Life on the street, The Corner, Generation Kill, Treme), HBO and some excellent characters (McNulty, Avon and D’Angelo Barksdale, Stringer Bell, Lt. Daniels, Kima, Bunk, Rawls, Burrell, Bubbles, Freamon, Sobotka, Beadie, Carver, Herc, Bodie, Prez, Omar, Carcetti, Marlo, Cutty, Bunny, Snoop, Poot, Prop Joe, Clay Davis etc.)

Welcome (back) to Bodymore, Murderland…

The Pit – The first season of The Wire introduces two major groups of characters: the Baltimore police department and a drug dealing organization run by the Barksdale clan.

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