Stargate Universe Girls

SGU Girls 70 photos gallery of some of the Stargate Universe girls.
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In order:
1) Alaina Huffman as Tamara Johansen
Tamara Johansen (TJ) is an Stargate Command medic with off-world experience and the rank of First Lieutenant. She is the most medically experienced person aboard the ship after the death of the Icarus Base doctor. She has a modest background, yet is beautiful, tough, smart and capable, but also has a secretive past with another member of the Destiny’s new crew.

2) Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong
Chloe Armstrong is the daughter of California Senator Alan Armstrong. She studied Political Science and Earth history at Harvard. She worked for her father as his assistant and convinced him to support the Icarus project. It was her idea to imbed the mathematical problem into the video game Prometheus in order to tap into civilian minds.

3) Julia Benson as Vanessa James
Second Lieutenant Vanessa James was stationed at the Icarus Base before the attack. At the time of the evacuation, she is having an intimate relationship with First Lieutenant Matthew Scott, which they are trying to keep hidden from other personnel.

4) Ming-Na Wen as Camile Wray
Camile Wray is the first openly gay character in the Stargate franchise (SGU Camile and Sharon lesbian kiss). She is the International Oversight Advisory representative on Destiny and supports civilian leadership on the ship.

5) Reiko Aylesworth as Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker is a Tau’ri female from Earth, and is the long-term romantic lesbian partner of IOA accountant Camile Wray, who in 2009 became stranded on board the Destiny. Though her occupation is unknown, she has clearance in the Stargate program. Sharon Walker and Camile Wray live together in a suburban home and dream of retiring together to a beach.

6) Rhona Mitra as Kiva
Kiva is a female human who became a Commander in the Lucian Alliance. She is the daughter of Masim, a high-ranking officer who was one of the hierarchs of the Alliance. This encompasses Earth’s limited intelligence on her background. She claims her only interests are for the well-being of her people, but will ruthlessly kill as a show of force or if someone fails her.

7) Louise Lombard as Gloria Rush
Gloria Rush was the wife of Dr. Nicholas Rush. She was a concert violinist and diagnosed with cancer. Her only regret is that she never had children. By 2007, she died due to her illness, at which time her husband was part of the Stargate program working on solving the mysteries around the ninth chevron. After Gloria’s death, Nicholas has become more and more obsessed with researching Ancient technology. Her death also changed his personality, in that he believes his morality died with her.

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