Bunheads TV Series Photos

Bunheads TV Series Photos

Bunheads (2012-2013) is a TV series created Amy Sherman-Palladino (creator of the EXCELLENT Gilmore Girls) and Lamar Damon. ABC Family cancelled the show after the 1st season (18 episodes only).

• Michelle Simms (played by Sutton Foster)
A former ballerina who wound up as a Las Vegas showgirl. Seeing her life and career at a dead end, she impulsively takes up the offer of marriage from her persistent admirer, Hubbell Flowers, and moves to his sleepy coastal town, the fictional town of Paradise in Southern California. Once there, Hubbell is killed in a car accident and Michelle struggles to adjust to life in a small town and teaching alongside her mother-in-law, Fanny Flowers (played by Kelly Bishop), at her ballet school, the Paradise Dance Academy.

Fanny Flowers (played by Kelly Bishop)
A former dancer herself, Fanny runs the local dance studio in Paradise, a small village in coastal California. Fanny is Michelle’s formidable new mother-in-law, whose personality is as unique and interesting as her flair for home décor.

Boo Jordan (played by Kaitlyn Jenkins)
Sweet Bettina “Boo” Jordan is another dancer at Fanny’s studio — and loves all things dance. She would give anything to be a “bunhead” but struggles against her body type.

Ginny Thompson (played by Bailey Buntain)
Ginny is a sweet and enthusiastic dancer at Fanny’s studio. While she’s extremely talented, Ginny struggles with not yet being comfortable in her own skin.

Melanie Segal (played by Emma Dumont)
Fun-loving Melanie is one of Fanny’s dancers. She’s high-spirited, bubbly and just loves to have a good time. Melanie is ready for whatever life throws at her!

Sasha Torres (played by Julia Goldani Telles)
Sasha is a dancer at Fanny’s studio who possesses the classic ballet dancer’s body and talent but – distracted by family issues at home – doesn’t seem to have her heart in dancing. She’s an incredibly accomplished and talented dancer, but her rebellious streak and lack of motivation may cause her trouble.

GILMORE GIRLS cast who also appears in BUNHEADS:
Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) > Fanny Flowers
Liza Weil (Paris Geller) > Millicent “Milly” Stone
Rose Abdoo (Gypsy) > Sam
Gregg Henry (Mitchum Huntzberger) > Rico
Alex Borstein (Drella the harpist / Miss Celine) > Michelle’s landlord / Carl’s Mother
Michael DeLuise (TJ) > Jo Jo Deline the magician
Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason) >  Bash the barista
Chris Eigeman (Jason Stiles) > Conor the actor/director
Todd Lowe (Zach van Gerbig) > Davis the plumber
Biff Yeager (Tom the contractor) > Bob the hardware store owner
Linda Porter (Fran Westin) >  Mrs. Weidemeyer, Sasha’s neighbor
Jon Polito (Pete of Pete’s Pizza) > Sal Russano

Gilmore Girls is my favorite show of all time. [Amy Sherman-Palladino] is like my favorite writer. She saw Anything Goes on Broadway and she was in the process of writing the pilot of Bunheads. We took a meeting and just really hit it off, and then two weeks later I got a call asking me about this show and they sent me the script. I came out to L.A. and met her and the network, and it was a phone call that just changed my life in one day.
– Sutton Foster –

Bunheads Photos Gallery (52 pictures) featuring Sutton Foster, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Julia Goldani Telles, Bailey Buntain, Emma Dumont, Kelly Bishop, Stacey Oristano, Matisse Love and Liza Weil

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