Gilmore Girls News and Random Facts

Gilmore Girls News and Random Stuff / Facts

While watching Gilmore Girls S4E7 The Festival of Living Art, I noticed that the actor who plays Hank the ‘Taylor Doose of Woodbury’ looked like Powers Boothe. I’ve found nothing on the Internet or IMDB, but I’m sure it’s him. There is a link : Lauren Graham and Powers Boothe are both alumni of the SMU Southern Methodist University – Meadows School of the Arts – Division of Theatre.

Powers Boothe is a Texan, so are Alexis Bledel (Rory) Jared Padalecki (Dean), Arielle Kebbel (Lindsey) and Todd Lowe (Zack).

Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) in Portrait of a Young Girl Named Anthea :
Gilmore Girls S4E7 The Festival of Living Art - Alexis Bledel [dvdbash]

Lorelai ‘Umlauts’ Gilmore (Lauren Graham) in Dance at Bougival :
Gilmore Girls S4E7 The Festival of Living Art - Lauren Graham [dvdbash]

Both Lauren Graham (Lorelai) and Keiko Agena (Lane) were born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Rory and Lane are supposedly the same age, but Keiko Agena is 8 years older than Alexis Bledel.

Connections between Gilmore Girls and Angel/Buffy:
1) Angel‘s Charles Gunn character was named after filmmaker James Gunn and actor Sean Gunn, both of whom had worked with Joss Whedon. Sean Gunn plays Kirk in Gilmore Girls.

2) Lauren Graham and Amy Acker (Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle in Angel) are both alumni of the Southern Methodist University – Meadows School of the Arts.

3) Actor Danny Strong, who plays Doyle McMaster (the editor of the Yale Daily News and later Paris Geller‘s boyfriend), was part of the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (as Jonathan Levinson) and Mad Men (as Danny Siegel)

4) Gilmore Girls writer Rebecca Sinclair was also a writer / story editor for Buffy.

5) Since March 2013, Alexis Bledel is engaged to her Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser, who played Connor in Angel:
Alexis Bledel engaged to 'Mad Men' fiancé Vincent Kartheiser [dvdbash]

Lauren Graham’s novel ‘Someday, Someday, Maybe’ has been published last April. Lauren’s debut novel is a story about hopes and dreams, being young in a city, and wanting something deeply, madly, desperately. It’s about finding love, finding yourself, and perhaps most difficult of all, finding an acting job in NYC :
Someday, Someday, Maybe – A Novel by Lauren Graham (Hardcover)

Lauren Graham is currently dating her Parenthood co-star Peter Krause:
Lauren Graham is dating 'Parenthood' co-star Peter Krause [dvdbash]

Hooked on Houses website has interesting photos of the Lorelai and Rory’s house, the Dragonfly Inn and the manor of Richard and Emily Gilmore : Gilmore Girls – Lorelai’s House & the Gilmore Mansion

Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory's house in Stars Hollow - dvdbash

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde (aka Nikneuk) is a professional interior designer who draws artistic floor-plans from TV series and movies. Check his amazing house/apartment drawings of Friends, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Big Bang Theory, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Dexter, Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother etc. on his gallery.

House of Gilmore Girls Floor Plans by artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde:

UPDATE June 2016:

Here is a screenshot from Delirious, the 1991 movie with John Candy. This is the town of Ashford Falls, aka Stars Hollow !Gilmore-Girls-Stars-Hollow-Delirious-Ashford-Falls-John-Candy-Midwest-Street-Warner-Bros-Studios-dvdbash

Ashford Falls was filmed on the Midwest Business & Residential Street set (Warner Bros. Studios). It’s the same filming location as the town of Lorelai & Rory. This lot was also used in Pretty Little Liars, Ghost Whisperer, Terminator TSCC, Pushing Daisies (another excellent TV show), Eastwick, Hart of Dixie, etc. and in a lot of movies.


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