Dead Like Me TV Series DVD Box Set

Dead Like Me is a TV series created in 2003 by Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls). The show ran for two seasons on Showtime cable network, but Bryan Fuller left it early during the first season, because of strong creative differences with MGM Television producers (“The experience with MGM-TV and their lack of professionalism and savvy made it really difficult. […] It was the worst experience of my life.”) A direct-to-DVD movie called Dead Like Me: Life After Death was released in 2009.

Dead Like Me stars Ellen Muth as Georgia George Lass, an 18 year-old college dropout who dies early in the pilot episode (when a toilet seat from the MIR space station fell on her…) and becomes a grim reaper. She also has a temp job through Happy Time Temporary Services. The show explores the experiences of a small team of reapers led by Rube John Sofer (Mandy Patinkin), as well as the changes in George and her family as they deal with George’s death.

A complete Dead Like Me NTSC DVD box set was released in December 2013 by TGG Studio, (TV series + the movie) but we don’t know anything about subtitles or extra audio tracks. Amazon says that the picture format is fullscreen (? details, please…), and some users on the Internet talk about edited episodes !
Dead Like Me DVD Complete Series Region 1 NTSC + Movie ASIN B00GT2TEPU

How good ?
Pushing Daisies is a very good show (8/10) but Dead Like Me is even better (9/10). You have to watch them both. Now, about the movie Dead Like Me – Life After Death: Yes, it full of WTF moments, Rube is not here, Laura Harris is missing, Mason is a total idiot, and sometimes you can call it a disaster. But, if you’re a fan of Georgia and Reggie, you can watch it (our generous rating : 6/10)

Métisse (Skully & Aïda Bredou) – Boom Boom Ba

Dead Like Me Photos Gallery on DVDBASH (55 pictures) starring Ellen Muth, Callum Blue, Jasmine Guy, Cynthia Stevenson, Mandy Patinkin, Britt McKillip, Christine Willes, Laura Harris and Rebecca Gayheart :

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