Widescreen Gaming 5760×1200 Mass Effect 3 FemShep Normandy

With the discovery of a network of ancient cosmic relays in the 21st century, humanity was thrust into a universe teeming with alien life. At its heart lay the Citadel, the galactic capital for all space-faring races. It had once been inhabited by a species known as the Protheans, who mysteriously vanished 50,000 years ago, leaving behind warnings of a godlike race of machines that had destroyed them. This enemy had a name, the Reapers, and the warnings claimed they would return again to harvest organic life in a never-ending cycle of destruction.

One soldier chose to heed those warnings. In 2183, Commander Shepard, captain of the Alliance warship Normandy, destroyed the vanguard of the next Reaper invasion in a fierce battle for the Citadel. But Shepard’s victory was only temporary. A vast Reaper armada remained, patiently waiting in the voids of dark space to launch their next attack.

Two years later, Shepard was mortally wounded on a routine mission. Cerberus, a pro-human terrorist organization, recovered and resurrected Shepard. Led by the shadowy Illusive Man, Cerberus recognized that the Reapers would soon threaten humanity. Enlisting Shepard’s help, along with a colorful crew of scientists, soldiers, and outlaws, the Normandy launched a suicide mission beyond the fabled Omega 4 relay to once again confront the Reaper menace. Yet even this triumph was only a delaying action in a much bigger war, a war that was about to engulf the entire Milky Way…

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