White Collar TV Series Matt Bomer Cast Photos

White Collar is a TV series created in 2009 by Jeff Eastin (Graceland), starring Matt Bomer (Tru Calling, Traveler, Bryce Larkin the first Intersect in Chuck) as Neal Caffrey, a highly intelligent and multi-talented con artist working as a criminal informant for FBI Special Agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay). Willie Garson plays Mozzie, a close friend of Neal and a con-man too. Tiffani Thiessen (she dropped the ‘Amber’ fourteen years ago) plays Peter’s wife, Elizabeth Burke. Also starring Marsha Thomason, Sharif Atkins and Natalie Morales as FBI Special Agents, and Hilarie Burton.

White Collar Photos Gallery (100 pictures, 132Mb) on DVDBASH:

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