Widescreen Gaming 5760×1200 Just Cause 2 Plane riding to Panau’s highest point

Just Cause 2 (PC) widescreen gallery n°2

First we take a civilian helicopter, a Mullen Skeeter Eagle, to fly to Panau International Airport (Ramai Rakyat Islands). Next, we ride a commercial airplane, the Aeroliner 474, and we parachute jump over Kem Gunung Dataran Tinggi, a military base in Panau’s mountains (the fortress of the very first mission). Then, we take a military helicopter, the UH-10 Chippewa, watch the sun rise and fly to the highest point of the island (‘Top of the World’ achievement). Finally, we make another parachute jump over the biggest bridge of Panau, and land on snow.

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