Widescreen Gaming 5760×1080 Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD New Orleans

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD (PC) Gallery n°6 – A Grand Tour of New Orleans with Aveline de Grandpré (230 pictures, 430 Mb)

New Orleans in 1777, the main steps of the visit:
• Port, docks and ships on the Mississipi river
• Place d’Armes and the Saint Louis Cathedral
• Ursuline Convent, built in 1752
• Market, or French Market today
• Governor’s mansion
• Saint Peter’s Cemetery, it was built over after 1800
• Barracks (military base and/or arsenal)
• De Grandpré’s mansion (with a texture fail)
• Warehouse
• Slave Traders’ Holding / Slave Market
• Back to the Plaza de Armas, or Jackson Square today

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