Doctor Who TV Series 3 Story 186 Blink Episode 10

Blink – In an abandoned house, the Weeping Angels wait. The only hope to stop them is a young woman named Sally Sparrow and her friend Larry Nightingale. The only catch is that the Weeping Angels can move in the blink of an eye. To defeat the ruthless enemy, the one rule is: Don’t turn your back, don’t look away and don’t blink !

Young photographer Sally Sparrow (played by actress Carey Mulligan) breaks into an old house and takes photos of fallen chandeliers and moss growing in fireplaces. Entering a room upstairs, she sees peeling wallpaper and the message “BEWARE OF THE WEEPING ANGELS“. She tears off more wallpaper, revealing a message telling her to “duck now”. She avoids a rock that would have hit her head. She looks out the window, from where the rock was thrown, and sees the statue of an angel with its hands covering its eyes. She peels the rest of the wallpaper off to reveal the writer of the message : Love from the Doctor, 1969

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