The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Promo Photos

Season 3 of The Sarah Jane Adventures guest stars David Tennant as the 10th Doctor in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (this episode is also the last story he filmed as the Doctor). In this season, the robot dog K-9 became a regular character at the end of The Mad Woman in the Attic, due to an agreement being reached with the character rights owner Bob Baker. The season was shot and broadcast in HD.

Prisoner of the Judoon opens the third series of SJA, with the Judoon, an intergalactic police introduced in the 2007 Doctor Who episode Smith and Jones. In this episode, Sarah Jane Smith continues to live her life on Bannerman Road. Investigating Genetec Systems, a nanotechnology company, she is thrown out and goes back to her house, when suddenly, an alien space pod crashes into a building. Sarah Jane and the gang take a trip to the building, where Judoon Captain Tybo is shooting at a Veil alien escaped prisoner, Androvax, who soon possesses a little girl. Luke and Rani team up with the Judoon Captain, while Sarah Jane and Clyde meet the little girl…

The Sarah Jane Adventures promo photos galleries on DVDBASH (330 pictures, 168Mb), starring Elisabeth Sladen, Daniel Anthony, Alexander Armstrong, Tommy Knight, Anjli Mohindra, Ace Bhatti, Yasmin Paige, Paul Kasey, Mina Anwar, Joseph Millson, Juliet Cowan, David Tennant and Matt Smith:

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