La Femme Nikita TV Series Peta Wilson

La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) is the Canadian TV adaptation of Luc Besson‘s original film. The series was created by Joel Surnow, and Robert Cochran wrote 13 episodes. Both are the co-creators of 24 Jack Bauer. The big difference between the French movie and Surnow’s series is that the Canadian version of Nikita is an innocent homeless woman, not a bad junkie girl

Plot: Falsely accused of killing a police officer, Nikita is sentenced to life in prison. Soon afterward, she is recruited into Section One, a secret counter-terrorism organization that fakes her suicide. As the only truly innocent recruit into Section, her compassion and sympathy constantly conflicts with the often ruthless orders she is given. After spending two years being trained by Michael Samuelle, Nikita learns to use her beauty as a weapon and becomes an expert in martial arts and ordnance. Initially reluctant to kill, she eventually becomes more efficient at doing so…

La Femme Nikita set the standard for great shows like 24 and Alias. Alberta Watson (Madeline) played Erin Driscoll in 24, and Senator Madeline Pierce in the 2010 Nikita series with Maggie Q. The fan community is still alive: The LFN Haven !

There is no complete La Femme Nikita DVD box set yet (the only one is a Chinese bootleg, don’t waste your money like we did some years ago…), but you can buy the bundle on Amazon, for $80: La Femme Nikita Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD Region 1

La Femme Nikita TV Series 70 Photos Gallery on DVDBASH (45 restored photos from the TV show + 35 pictures of Peta Wilson), also starring Don Francks, Eugene Robert Glazer, Roy Dupuis, Matthew Ferguson and Alberta Watson:

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