Scoundrels TV Series Virginia Madsen

Scoundrels is the American remake of New Zealand TV series Outrageous Fortune. The show, produced by ABC Studios, ran for eight episodes, between June and August 2010. Scoundrels and The Gates were cancelled in October 2010 (ABC=Already Been Cancelled…)

Cheryl West (Virginia Madsen) is a middle-aged woman with four children: twin brothers Logan and Cal (Patrick John Flueger from The 4400), and daughters Heather (Leven Rambin from Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles), an aspiring model and Hope (Vanessa Marano aka April Nardini, the daughter of Luke in Gilmore Girls, also the sister of Laura Marano), the youngest and an aspiring filmmaker. After Cheryl’s career criminal husband Wolfgang (David James Elliott, JAG and Good Christian Bitches) is sentenced to five years in prison, Cheryl forces her family to quit its criminal activities. However, even from jail, Wolf interferes with her attempts to reform their family…

Carlos Bernard, aka Tony Almeida in 24 Jack Bauer, plays the role of Sergeant Mack. Scoundrels also stars Jessica Collins (Tru Calling, The Young and the Restless), Dina Meyer (Birds of Prey, Point Pleasant) and Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210).

Scoundrels TV Series Promo Photos Gallery on DVDBASH (64 pictures), featuring Virginia Madsen, Patrick John Flueger, Leven Rambin, Vanessa Marano, Carlos Bernard, David James Elliott, John Lawlor, Greg Serano, Jessalyn Wanlim, Michael Bowen, Jessica Collins, Dina Meyer, Rachel Boston, Kathryn Smith-McGlynn, Marya Beauvais and Jason Priestley:

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