Deadwood Complete TV Series DVD Box Set B005IMYK3I

Some pictures of the Region 2 (UK PAL) Deawood DVD box set ASIN B005IMYK3I, available for £18.20 on Amazon UK. Deadwood was a good/very good TV show, but not exceptional like other HBO productions such as The Wire or The Sopranos.

All the photo stills and promo artwork of Deadwood are also available here on DVDBASH, if you’re a fan of the show, we have 800 pictures for you !
Deadwood Promo Pictures on DVDBASH (10 photo galleries)

Once you’ve finished watching Deadwood, we recommend that you read this excellent article on called HBO’s Deadwood – Facts and fiction. You will learn everything about the real characters and the fictional ones, the real places, the historical timeline, the swearing etc.

Now another interesting reading, with this study by Anne Helen Petersen:
Whores and Other Feminists – Recovering
Deadwood’s Unlikely Feminisms

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