Happy New Year 2015

As DVDBASH enters its 4th year of blogging, we wish you a happy new year 2015, with a lot of good movies and TV series to enjoy !
Now some modest web traffic statistics:

  • It took us 3 years to reach the 100.000 views/month
  • As of today (January 1st, 2015), DVDBASH has been ‘viewed’ 2.037.920 times
  • In 2014, the blog had an average of 2.974 views/day
  • Visitors mostly come from the US (29%), France (26%) and Germany (13%)
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyssa Milano and Maggie Q are the most popular
  • This post is the 594th post published on DVDBASH
  • How much does DVDBASH make ? Exactly $0 per year

One of the most unexpectedly popular post on DVDBASH is the one about science-fiction spaceships charts. Thank you sci-fi nerds. We also would like to thank the Browncoats / Joss Whedon fans, and all the Halliwell sisters aficionados.

Next step: 150k views per month…

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