Private Practice Seasons 5 and 6 Promo Photos

Private Practice Seasons 5 and 6 Promo Photos

• Season 5 (2011–12) [ SPOILERS INSIDE ]
Audra McDonald, who plays the character Naomi Bennett, did not return as a regular cast member in the fifth season of Private Practice. Following the departure of Audra McDonald, Benjamin Bratt was added to the series as a regular cast member. He plays Jake Reilly, a fertility specialist who is quite accomplished and up to speed with cutting-edge technology and procedures.

Season 5 focuses on Amelia and her drug addiction, and the entire practice trying to save her life, ultimately deciding to have an intervention for her, and thus sending her to rehab. After rehab, Amelia finds out that she is pregnant by Ryan, a boyfriend who got her back into drugs and later died of an overdose. She finds out that the baby does not have a brain, but ultimately decides to take the baby to full term and donate the organs to save other children’s lives.

Later in the season, Cooper was revealed to have had an 8-year old son from a previous one night stand. The son, who’s named Mason, is portrayed by child actor Griffin Gluck. While Gluck initially served as a guest star, he was promoted to series regular later in the season. Mason’s mother sought out Cooper after discovering that she was stricken with cancer, and she dies later in the season.

Season 5 also deals with Addison not being able to have her own children, only to be able to adopt a child, Henry, just as Amelia’s tragic news is given.

• Season 6 (2012–13) [ SPOILERS INSIDE ]
Tim Daly, who plays Pete Wilder did not return to the main cast in season six. In the sixth season premiere, Violet finds out that Pete hasn’t shown up for court and assumes that he ran off only to find out later that he had a heart attack jogging and died.

Charlotte finds outs that she’s pregnant but is happy because her IUD will most likely destroy the pregnancy, only to find out she’s pregnant with triplets. After a difficult pregnancy and even delivering one of the triplets at 26 weeks, Charlotte and Cooper eventually have three healthy daughters.

The final episode of the series brings many happy endings: Addison and Jake marry; Sheldon quits the practice to spend time with his love who’s dying of cancer; Sam and Naomi remarry and will be having a second baby; Amelia has found the love of her life; Violet finally gets over her issues with Pete’s death and announces she’s started writing another book.

Private Practice TV series promo pictures – Another massive gallery on DVDBASH (5 galleries, 430 photos, 516Mb) S1S2S3S4 ■ S5-6 starring Kate Walsh, Paul Adelstein, KaDee Strickland, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly, Brian Benben, Audra McDonald, Caterina Scorsone, Chris Lowell, Benjamin Bratt and AJ Langer.

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