The Finder TV Series Cast Promo Photos

The Finder is a TV series created by Hart Hanson, it’s the spin-off of Bones. In fact, the pilot of The Finder is the 19th episode of the 6th season of Bones. 13 episodes were produced (David Boreanaz directed one episode), and Fox canceled the show on May 9, 2012. Actor Michael Clarke Duncan died in September.

The Finder follows the life of Major Walter Sherman, an Iraq War veteran who suffered brain damage in a bomb explosion. The brain damage triggered in Walter the ability to find things, he sees connections between apparently unrelated events, objects or people that others would miss. Walter is assisted by his legal advisor and bar owner Leo Knox, US Deputy Marshal Isabel Zambada, and juvenile parolee and thief Willa Monday, who is serving her probation with the team. Walter’s brain damage also left him with mental disorders, but he refuses treatment because he does not want to lose his useful talent.

The Finder is available on DVD (Region 2 only) or on VOD:
The Finder Complete Series on DVD Region 2 PAL UK (£15)

The Finder Promo Photos, Wallpapers and Stills (90 pictures, 81Mb) on DVDBASH, featuring Geoff Stults, Maddie Hasson, Mercedes Mason (née Masöhn), Michael Clarke Duncan, Toby Hemingway and Amy Aquino:

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