Millennium TV Series Lance Henriksen Chris Carter Promo Pictures

Millennium (not the Stieg Larsson novels / movies…) is a TV series created by Chris Carter, creator of The X-Files, that aired on Fox between 1996 and 1999 (3 seasons, 67 episodes). Millennium is also the title of the 4th episode of the 7th season of The X-Files, a crossover episode between Mulder & Scully’s investigations and profiler Frank Black (Lance Henriksen), and also a finale for Millennium.

Frank Black is a former FBI agent with a unique ability to see the world through the eyes of killers. He worked for a mysterious organization called the Millennium Group, whose power and sinister agenda were explored throughout the show.

The complete Millennium series is available on DVD:
• In the U.S. (Millennium – The Complete DVD Collection Region 1 NTSC, $45)
• In the U.K. (Millennium – Season 1-3 DVD – Region 2 PAL, £29) (photos here)
• In Benelux (Millennium L’intégrale – Coffret 18 DVD, Region 2 PAL 50)
• There’s also a German release, too expensive (168€).

Millennium photos gallery on DVDBASH (restored promo pictures), featuring Lance Henriksen, Megan Gallagher, Terry O’Quinn, Brittany Tiplady, Klea Scott and Bill Smitrovich + covers of the Millennium comics + photos of Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Lance Henriksen and Mark Snow with the Back To Frank Black book:

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