Mylène Farmer Stolen Car from her album Interstellaires Duet with Sting

Stolen Car, released on August 28, 2015, is the first promo single of Mylène Farmer‘s upcoming album Interstellaires. It’s a duet with Sting, and a cover of his 2004 song Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing). The song is produced by Tristan Casara, aka The Avener, and the music video is directed by Bruno Aveillan. And yes, the video looks like a TV commercial for expensive cars, but who cares, as long as Mylène is there !

The video was shot in Paris on the quais de Seine (Quai de la Tournelle, 5th arrondissement), you can see the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral. The hotel is Le Royal Monceau, a five-star luxury hotel located in the 8th arrondissement.

The Stolen Car lyrics are at the bottom of this post.

Mylène Farmer Stolen Car music video gallery on DVDBASH (80 screen captures) featuring our goddess Mylène Farmer and superstar Sting (Oh Sting, you lucky lucky bastard!):

Stolen Car lyrics (Sting & Mylène Farmer)
Late at night in summer heat
Expensive car and empty street
There’s a wire in my jacket
For this is my trade
It only takes a moment
Don’t be afraid
I can hotwire an ignition
Like some kind of star
I’m just a poor boy
In a rich man’s car
Et le moteur s’allume enfin
Nos vies s’enlacent
And we drive into the night
Oh le cuir doux s’emmêle
Affole ton imagination
Je te vois déjà
Dans une autre situation
Tu es company director
Une vie de famille
J’ai ce feeling qu’il y a
Bien plus des choses à dire
There’s some kind of complication
Il lui dit he’s alone
Spends the night with his lover,
Il y a des traces of her cologne
Tous les mots de sa maitresse
À l’oreille et sans détour
Comme une chanson d’amour

Please take me dancing tonight
I’ve been all on my own
Les promesses d’un jour, d’un soir
Je les entends comme un psaume
I’m just a prisoner of love
Prisonnière de mes failles
Take me dancing
Please take me dancing tonight

Imagine ta femme
Sa vie glisse entre ses doigts
Il y a une règle
Être chasseur ou bien la proie
Il lui dira je rentre tard
Ses affaires, partira
But there’s more than a suspicion
In this lingering cologne
Et les enfants feront la tête
As she runs a traffic light
And she drives into the night


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