Widescreen Gaming 5760×1200 GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto Los Santos Screenshots 04

GTA 5 Widescreen Gaming – Grand Theft Auto 5 Triple Monitor @ 5760×1200:
13 screenshots galleries of Los Santos / San Andreas + 1 wallpaper gallery = 14 posts
1600 screenshots* + 70 wallpapers = 1.44Gb (selection among 2500!)

Itinerary – Day 4

  • Franklin safehouse in Vinewood Hills
  • Galileo Observatory
  • Great Chaparral Trail
  • Fort Zancudo military base (airport)
  • Marlowe Vineyards in Tongva Hills
  • Devin Weston’s Mansion on Buen Vino Road
  • Chumash beach houses
  • Pacific Bluffs Country Club
  • Kortz Center arts and entertainment museum
  • Richman Castle
  • University of San Andreas, Los Santos (ULSA) Stadium, a track-and-field complex
  • Richman Mansion aka Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion
  • The Golf Club
  • Michael De Santa residence in Rockford Hills

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