Widescreen Gaming 5760×1200 GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto Los Santos Screenshots 07

GTA 5 Widescreen Gaming – Grand Theft Auto 5 Triple Monitor @ 5760×1200:
13 screenshots galleries of Los Santos / San Andreas + 1 wallpaper gallery = 14 posts
1600 screenshots* + 70 wallpapers = 1.44Gb (selection among 2500!)

Itinerary – Day 7

  • San Andreas coastal tour (almost complete, counter-clockwise)
  • Starting from the beach facing The Terminal
  • Palomino Highlands coast, bordered by the Pacific Ocean
  • Various coves
  • Tataviam Mountains coast
  • Palmer-Taylor Power Station & RON Alternates Wind Farm
  • Humane Labs and Research facility
  • San Chianski coast
  • Cape Catfish, a fishing settlement in Blaine County
  • Cape Catfish: El Gordo Lighthouse
  • Cape Catfish: The Pumpkins House (that reminds us of Jack Ryan’s country house in “Patriot Games”)
  • Top of Mount Gordo
  • View on the Braddock Pass
  • End of East Coast > North Coast
  • 24/7 store, supermarket interior
  • Procopio Beach
  • Donkey Punch Family Farm in Paleto Bay (crops and livestock)
  • Paleto Bay, beach and town
  • End of North Coast > West Coast
  • Bayview Lodge in Paleto Forest, Blaine County (Logger Beer lumberjack statue)
  • Aerial Tramway (cable car to the peak of Mount Chiliad) in Pala Springs
  • Paleto Cove (near the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness)
  • Cassidy Creek Bridge, in Raton Canyon
  • North Chumash (Hookies seafood restaurant, and meth business!)
  • Fort Zancudo military base, tunnel under the tarmac

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