Widescreen Gaming 5760×1200 GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto Los Santos Screenshots 11

GTA 5 Widescreen Gaming – Grand Theft Auto 5 Triple Monitor @ 5760×1200:
13 screenshots galleries of Los Santos / San Andreas + 1 wallpaper gallery = 14 posts
1600 screenshots* + 70 wallpapers = 1.44Gb (selection among 2500!)

Various locations – Day 11

  • Franklin safehouse in Vinewood Hills
  • Chumash Plaza, a shopping plaza located along Route 1
  • Chumash Historic Family Pier
  • El Burro Heights, a suburban neighborhood in East Los Santos (car scrapyard)
  • Somewhere between Paleto Cove and Paleto Bay
  • Aerial views of Mount Chiliad
  • Rockford Plaza, a shopping center in Burton (Didier Sachs store)
  • Streets nearby
  • INSIDE the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank, in Downtown Vinewood
  • Vinewood Boulevard: Walk of Fame
  • Vinewood Boulevard: Oriental Theater (based on Grauman’s Chinese Theatre aka TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard)
  • Vinewood streets
  • INSIDE the LSPD Mission Row Police Station building
  • Streets nearby
  • Davis Quartz, a mining site located southeast of the Grand Senora Desert
  • McKenzie Field Hangar, a small dirt airfield (airstrip + hangar) in Grapeseed
  • RL Hunter & Sons (Grapeseed): a rural Lost MC clubhouse
  • Liquor Ace, a liquor store in Sandy Shores (Blaine County), and Trevor’s meth lab
  • Braddock Farm, at the base of Mount Chiliad in Braddock Pass (Weed Farm)
  • RON Alternates Wind Farm, windmills in Los Santos County
  • Port of Los Santos: the SS Bulker freighter ship (sunk version)
  • Miriam Turner Overpass (green bridge)
  • Various aerial views of Los Santos
  • Redwood Lights Track (construction site)
  • Stab City, a trailer park located on the outskirts of the Grand Senora Desert. It’s the main settlement of The Lost MC
  • Underwater: sunken body + sea monster skeleton

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