Widescreen Gaming 5760×1200 GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto Los Santos Screenshots 12

GTA 5 Widescreen Gaming – Grand Theft Auto 5 Triple Monitor @ 5760×1200:
13 screenshots galleries of Los Santos / San Andreas + 1 wallpaper gallery = 14 posts
1600 screenshots* + 70 wallpapers = 1.44Gb (selection among 2500!)

Various locations (interiors) – Day 12

  • 10-car garage in the Eclipse Towers (West Vinewood)
  • Ammu-Nation Gun Club LSGC (indoor shooting range)
  • Blaine County Savings Bank (Paleto Bay)
  • Clucking Bell Farms factory (based on Taco Bell and KFC)
  • Eclipse Towers high-end apartments, in West Vinewood
  • Federal Investigation Bureau FIB Headquarters, Pillbox Hill (Downtown Los Santos)
  • Pillbox Hill Medical Center, destroyed hospital
  • Humane Labs and Research, a chemical research company
  • International Affairs Agency IAA office (based on the CIA and the NSA)
  • The janitor’s apartment
  • Vangelico, a luxury jewelry store on Little Portola (Rockford Hills)
  • Lester Crest’s House on Amarillo Vista (El Burro Heights). Reference to Fox Mulder’s I Want to Believe poster in The X-Files
  • Life Invader Office in Rockford Hills, an online social networking company, a parody of Facebook
  • Various views of Los Santos

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