Mylène Farmer City of Love Music Video from her album Interstellaires


City of Lovereleased on December 20th, is the third music video from singer-songwriter Mylène Farmer‘s last album Interstellaires, and it’s by far the best!

The music video, directed by Pascal Laugier (Saint Ange, Martyrs, The Tall Man) was shot in two days at the Château de Chambly, 50km from Paris. In City of Love, Mylène plays some kind of fallen demon exploring a curiosity cabinet in a haunted manor during a stormy night. She’s NOT a monster, she’s NOT terrifying, as you can read on other websites, she’s a beautiful fallen demon looking for love ! Special effects makeup took 6.5 hours, but the result is awesome.

We loved Mylène with her butterfly wings in 1996 (nearly 20 years ago, ouch!) in her Comme j’ai mal music video, and we love her now with her broken wings in City of Love!

Mylène Farmer’s City of Love Music Video Screenshots Gallery (150 carefully selected HD screen captures) on DVDBASH. You can watch the music video here. The City of Love lyrics are under this gallery. Enjoy!

Mylène Farmer – City of Love (2015) LYRICS

Quand la danse cessera
Trop tard
Tout prendra un goût de cendres
Hum Hum
Si seulement chemin faisant
L’amour surgit du néant
N’avoir d’autres voeux que l’autre
Même un instant

Les mots au bout des lèvres
Un chemin vers la vie
Si je m’abandonne
Je bâtirai
The city of love…
Oh Oh
Si je sais que je l’ai
Et le monde et l’envie
Si là je t’attends
Je bâtirai
The city of love
The city of love

Qui ne connaît pas la peur
Ne connaît pas le courage
Si je suis de belle humeur
Pas de rage
Quand progressant dans le noir
Quand j’étudie l’infini
Je vois des flocons de neige
De poésie



[Chorus x3]

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