WordAds revenue – How much money can you make on WordPress ? Is it worth it ?

WordAds revenue – How much money can you make ? Is it worth it ?

1) The damage done – How the WordAds will modify your page layout
The WordPress ad program WordAds has been activated on DVDBASH.COM a few months ago, and the website layout (Twenty Eleven theme) is kinda ruined by the ads positions. There are 3 ads placements: the leaderboard at the top of the page (ugly but rewarding), the middle rectangle at the bottom (inoffensive), and – by far the worst – the wide skyscraper that goes into your sidebar. See for yourself, this page is displayed with the showcase template:


2) The WordAds earnings – Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed
Despite its not-so-bad web traffic (1.22 million views in 2015), the generated income on DVDBASH.COM is low. Here are the statistics for November 2015, December 2015 and January 2016:

  • 280.574 views in 3 months, that’s an average of 93.525 views/month
  • 115.258 ad impressions in 3 months, that’s an average of 38.419 ad imp./month
  • $127.83 earned in 3 months, that’s an average of $42.61/month
  • According to these numbers, you need 900 ad impressions to make $1


3) Should you run WordAds on your WordPress-hosted website ?
If you have been accepted into the WordAds program, and if you don’t care about a messed-up design layout, you can try to monetize your blog. Optimize your web pages, run some ads for, let’s say, one year, and see how much you’ve earned.

The stats show that DVDBASH should have 220.000 views/month to make $100/month. Do the math!


7 thoughts on “WordAds revenue – How much money can you make on WordPress ? Is it worth it ?

  1. hi,,i just want ask..how much ad impressions are required to get $1?
    and moreover do blogger.com ad rates are more in comparision to wordads rates?,b’coz in blooger we get google adsense….everybody says..its a google’s creation si it will give more in adsense…so is it right?
    shall I open an blogger.com or blogspot.com account as well..with an intention to earn money through advertisement?
    please do help & guide me

  2. Hello,
    The ratio for 2016 on DVDBASH is $1 for 1306 ad impressions.
    I don’t know if Google AdSense is better, but YES, if your goal is to make $$$, you should have multiple blogs on different platforms, the more, the better. Duplicate and interlink – cleverly – your content.
    Blogging is a time-consuming activity, optimizing your websites for monetization can be a long and tedious process. Good luck!

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