WordAds revenue – How much money can you make on WordPress ? Is it worth it ?

WordAds revenue – How much money can you make ? Is it worth it ?

1) The damage done – How the WordAds will modify your page layout [2016]
The WordPress ad program WordAds has been activated on DVDBASH.COM a few months ago, and the website layout (Twenty Eleven theme) is kinda ruined by the ads positions. There are 3 ads placements: the leaderboard at the top of the page (ugly but rewarding), the middle rectangle at the bottom (inoffensive), and – by far the worst – the wide skyscraper that goes into your sidebar. See for yourself, this page is displayed with the showcase template:


2) The WordAds earnings – Don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed [2020]
As someone said in the comments, this post is muito antigo. It was written in March 2016, more than four years ago. But a lot of WordPress writers still come here for information on the WordAds program, so it’s time for a post-coronavirus update !

Here are the WordAds statistics from November 2015 to April 2020.

Let’s start with a nice Excel table :

2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Months running 2 11 12 12 12 4
Ads served/Year 76,546 357,444 668,152 2,058,244 1,900,457 814,801
Ads served/Month (av.) 38,273 32,495 55,679 171,520 158,371 203,700
Earnings/Year $84.28 $271.29 $350.03 $394.68 $281.42 $61.01
Earnings/Month (av.) $42.14 $24.66 $29.17 $32.89 $23.45 $15.25
Earned $1 for ? ads (av.) 908 1,318 1,909 5,215 6,753 13,355

Now, some explanations :

• WordAds has been running for 53 months on DVDBASH.COM
• The number of monthly served ads keeps growing (242.000 ads in April 2020)
• The yearly earnings keep decreasing. [Well, without any new content… what did you expect? 😬]
• In 2015, you needed 908 ads impressions to make $1
• In 2020, you need 13.355 ads impressions to make $1

YES, $15/month for 200.000+ ads impressions is not much, but it helps paying the hosting and domain registration.

3) Should you run WordAds on your WordPress-hosted website ?
If you have been accepted into the WordAds program, and if you don’t care about a messed-up design layout, you can try to monetize your blog. Optimize your web pages, run some ads for, let’s say, one year, and see how much little you’ve earned.

Good luck !


38 thoughts on “WordAds revenue – How much money can you make on WordPress ? Is it worth it ?

  1. hi,,i just want ask..how much ad impressions are required to get $1?
    and moreover do blogger.com ad rates are more in comparision to wordads rates?,b’coz in blooger we get google adsense….everybody says..its a google’s creation si it will give more in adsense…so is it right?
    shall I open an blogger.com or blogspot.com account as well..with an intention to earn money through advertisement?
    please do help & guide me

  2. Hello,
    The ratio for 2016 on DVDBASH is $1 for 1306 ad impressions.
    I don’t know if Google AdSense is better, but YES, if your goal is to make $$$, you should have multiple blogs on different platforms, the more, the better. Duplicate and interlink – cleverly – your content.
    Blogging is a time-consuming activity, optimizing your websites for monetization can be a long and tedious process. Good luck!

    • If you don’t want to waste any time with hosting and maintenance, and if you want a very QUICK SEO PROGRESS within the first months, WP.COM is for you. But everything has a price… in our case, $28/year for the domain registration and $96/year for the 50Gb storage. WordAds help pay for that cost, but you will need a lot of ad impressions.

      If you have a lot of time on your hands, or if you can’t afford the fees, go for WP.ORG. But WP.COM perfectly suits our needs, even if it’s a little too pricey. The Google crawling and indexing is excellent – If you know how to optimize your content for SEO – , and it’s easy to have a perfect page rank on specific keywords, i.e. your niche.

  3. Personally, I am more of a fan of AdSense, so if I happen to make a wordpress blog, I’ll pick wordpress.org, which allows AdSense. Yes, I have a domain approved on AdSense and I made 0.04 with 20 views, so its okay I suppose and they also do PPC, which can REALLY increase your earnings.

  4. You’ve all reason.

    I’ve a Spanish blog with 50-70k visits/month and with your ads configuration. However, I just earn 33-37$/month. It’s very low.

    And worst, it’s you cannot use other ads, just WordAds.. but we’ll, they pay domain and you can earn 200-400$ by year.

    • I don’t know how you made even that much money. I had 288600 visitors and 937000 ads served in the month of April 2020, on my site insightful.co.in. They just paid me $32. I am really disappointed. I mean there is no point continuing if I make this kind of money.

  5. I had 288600 visitors and 937000 ads served in the month of April 2020, on my site insightful.co.in. They just paid me $32. I am really disappointed. I mean there is no point continuing if I make this kind of money.

  6. Hi
    your post gives better understanding of wordads..
    I have just started my blog.
    How many months we should wait to apply for Google Adsense

  7. Thank you for the information, I was totally considering paying for a premium account so I could make a little extra cash a month, but I had no idea that it would be played out in literal terms..$32 for 288,600 visitors and 937,000 ads? no way. but I guess you can look at it another way, and think of it as easy/free money.. You don’t have to do too much right? I would like to see a blog that does in fact have ads on them to see what it looks like, maybe it does make a mess of your sight. but anyways thank you for the feedback!

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