Launch InDesign CS6 with a custom window position and window size in a multiple monitors setup

indesign-dvdbash One of the biggest problems with Adobe InDesign CS6, (beside being extremely slow, even with lots of RAM and a SSD drive…), is that the program does not remember its window size and window position. InDesign always opens “maximized”, and if you have a multiple monitor setup – let’s say three screens but a single desktop – the main window entirely fills your three screens…and you don’t want that !

The answer to your nightmare is called AutoSizer. It’s free, tiny (setup file is 280 Kb), it doesn’t eat up your precious RAM, it starts with Windows, and it automatically resizes your programs at a specific size and position.

Tested with: InDesign CS6 + Windows 10 Pro x64 + Triple screen Nvidia Surround display @ 5760×1200

  • 1) Launch AutoSizer, and launch InDesign.
  • 2) Adjust the InDesign main window size and position to your liking.
  • 3) Double-click on the InDesign process in the AutoSizer, to create a rule.
  • 4) Choose Action to perform = Resize/Position, and check the Set size and Set position options.
  • 5) Click on the Options button, and select Load AutoSizer automatically with Windows.


…and voilà !


• AutoSizer was developed by South Bay Software (thank you guys), and is still available here: Yes I’m tired of InDesign starting in a maximized window, and I want to download AutoSizer!

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