Sheena TV Series Gena Lee Nolin Promo Photos

 Thanks Gena (and your husband) for the likes on Twitter !

Gena Lee Nolin tweeted, a few days before this post was published: « Watching Sheena with my kiddos is such a blast! Mama’s strong & protects animals. They think I’m super human !! »

Sheena (2000-2002) is the second TV adaptation of W. Morgan Thomas’s comic book character Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. The show was created by Douglas Schwartz and Steven L. Sears. Two seasons were produced, containing 22 and 13 episodes.

Synopsis: Sheena’s parents were archaeologists who died in the jungle when she was about six years old, orphaning their daughter Cheryl Hamilton. She was taken in by Kali, a local shamaness of a tribe who brought her up. She was taught how to morph into birds and other animals, thus acquiring their abilities.

• Sheena is available on DVD, in two separate region 1 NTSC releases : Sheena Season 1 & Sheena Season 2

Sheena TV Series Photos Gallery on DVDBASH (26 pictures from the show + 4 pictures of Gena Lee Nolin). Also starring John Allen Nelson, Margo Moorer and Kevin Quigley:

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