Adventure Inc. TV Series Michael Biehn Karen Cliche Promo Pictures

« My name is Judson Cross..I’ve been called everything from a treasure hunter to a thrill seeker, but personally I like to think of myself as a professional explorer…My company is Adventure Inc. and we’re in the business of finding things,..things that are priceless, dangerous, sometimes even unexplainable….My crew will go anywhere and risk everything…Adventure really is our business »

Adventure Inc. (2002-2003) is a TV series inspired by the life of underwater archaeological explorer Barry Clifford. The show was produced by Jay Firestone and Gale Anne Hurd. 22 episodes were produced, starring Michael Biehn (The Terminator, Aliens), Karen Cliche (Mutant X, Flash Gordon) and Jesse Nilsson.

Actor Jesse Nilsson, a lifetime asthmatic, died from heart failure (related to pneumonia…and drugs) on 25 April 2003 in Ontario, before the final episode had been broadcast.

The complete Adventure Inc. TV show is available on DVD, in a region 1 NTSC release:
Adventure Inc. – The Complete TV Series on DVD

Adventure Inc. TV Series Promo Photos on DVDBASH (71 pictures) starring Michael Biehn, Karen Cliche and Jesse Nilsson, with special guest Christien Anholt (Relic Hunter):

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