Continuum TV Series Season 3 Rachel Nichols Promo Pictures

Continuum Season 3 Synopsis
Kiera Cameron’s chance of getting home was hijacked when Alec Sadler, in hopes of saving Emily, the girl he loves, used the time travel device. This act of desperation not only jettisoned Alec into the near past, but it condemned Kiera to incarceration by the Freelancers, who are ‘collecting’ time travelers in order to protect history. Now, Kiera must face the consequences of Alec’s betrayal and somehow escape the Freelancers. Even if she can, has Alec’s decision to time travel already changed the future in ways Kiera couldn’t even imagine? What will Kiera sacrifice to ultimately survive, and how will Liber8 factor into this challenge?

Kiera must also contend with a newly strategic Liber8 organization, and a growing darkness in her police partner, Carlos Fonnegra. Ultimately, all roads lead through young Alec Sadler, and with his genius never having been more tested, his choices force Kiera (and everyone) to examine all they hold dear.

Continuum Season 3 Promo Pictures (330 photos)
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Continuum TV Series starring Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lobo, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Omari Newton, Roger Cross, Luvia Petersen and Lexa Doig -

Continuum TV Series (2012-2015) Promo Pictures Gallery on DVDBASH (1200 photos, 1.7Gb) starring Rachel Nichols (The Inside, Alias), Stephen Lobo (Painkiller Jane, Arctic Air), Victor Webster (Mutant X, Charmed), Erik Knudsen (Jericho), Omari Newton (Blue Mountain State), Roger Cross (Dark Matter, Arrow, 24), Luvia Petersen, Brian Markinson (Arctic Air, Mad Men, Rogue), Lexa Doig (Andromeda, V 2009, Stargate SG-1, Artic Air), Jennifer Spence (Stargate Universe), Richard Harmon (The Killing, The 100), Terry Chen (House of Cards, The 100, Da Vinci’s Inquest), Magda Apanowicz (Kyle XY, Caprica) + special guests Ian Tracey (Da Vinci’s Inquest, Bates Motel, Rogue) Tony Amendola (Stargate SG-1, Once Upon a Time), Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) and William B. Davis (the smoking man from The X-Files), among others…