Andromeda TV Series Kevin Sorbo Promo Photos

Seven months since the last post ? Holy guacamole !

Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda (2000-2005) is a sci-fi TV series that ran from five seasons and 110 episodes.

Andromeda was conceived by Gene Roddenberry in the early 1970s and posthumously produced on his behalf by his widow Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Captain Dylan Hunt is a member of the Systems Commonwealth’s High Guard. He and his ship the Andromeda Ascendant are frozen in time. They awaken 300 years in the future, where Hunt discovers that the Commonwealth has fallen and the universe has fallen into chaos, with the strong preying on the weak. Deciding to change all of this, Hunt sets out with a new crew to create a new Commonwealth and bring order to a chaotic galaxy. With this impossible task in front of him, Dylan must come up with a way to convince races to sign up while fighting off some of the galaxy’s most fearsome enemies, including the Magog and the Nietzscheans, whilst also dealing with the problems and betrayals of the members of his new crew. [Wikia]

Andromeda Promo Photos Gallery on DVDBASH (200 pictures, 130Mb), starring Kevin Hercules Sorbo as Captain Dylan Hunt, Lisa Ryder as Beka Valentine, Laura Bertram as Trance Gemini, Gordon Michael Woolvett as Seamus Harper, Lexa Doig as Romie The Andromeda Ascendant, Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi, Steve Bacic as Telemachus Rhade, Brent Stait as Rev Bem and Brandy Ledford as Doyle.


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