Alfons Mucha’s Art Nouveau works


This gallery contains 130 photos.

Alfons Mucha‘s Art Nouveau Works A selection of 130 Mucha‘s decorative paintings, illustrations, posters and advertisements, most from his Art Nouveau Parisian period (although he didn’t like to be labeled as an Art Nouveau artist). Including works for actress Sarah … Continue reading

10 Paintings / Painters You Should Know


This gallery contains 10 photos.

10 Paintings / Painters You Should Know (Huge pictures, feel free to download) Paul Klee – Einst dem Grau der Nacht enttaucht 1918 Translated title : Once Emerged from the Gray of Night Current location : Paul Klee Foundation, Kunstmuseum, … Continue reading

Ingres, French Neoclassical painter


This gallery contains 72 photos.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) Gallery Ingres was a French Neoclassical painter. Although he considered himself to be a painter of history in the tradition of Nicolas Poussin and Jacques-Louis David, by the end of his life it was Ingres’s portraits, both … Continue reading