Millennium Complete Series DVD Box Set Lance Henriksen Chris Carter


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Millennium TV Series (Chris Carter) The Complete DVD Collection • Some pictures of the Millennium DVD Box Set B0002W12XA Region 2 PAL, It’s a nice DVD box set, with subtitles, extras, and booklets (£30). Aspect ratio is 1.33 (Season 1) … Continue reading

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger) DVD box set, Photos, Comics, Stories and Interviews


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Halloween is coming, and DVDBASH has a special treat for you: a horrific Nightmare on Elm Street Photos Gallery, starring the iconic on-screen serial killer of the 80’s Freddy Krueger (played by actor Robert Englund)! This special post is also … Continue reading

Hercules The Legendary Journeys Complete TV Series DVD Box Set


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The Hercules The Legendary Journeys Complete TV series DVD box set was released in 2005, just like the Xena Warrior Princess Complete TV series DVD box set. Hercules was created by Christian Williams, and produced, amongst others, by Robert G. Tapert and Sam … Continue reading

Xena Warrior Princess Complete TV Series DVD + 10th Anniversary Collection


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This complete Xena Warrior Princess TV series DVD box set was released in 2005, and it’s a collector’s item, just like the Hercules The Legendary Journeys DVD box set. These two series were awesome, amazing and epic, and this massive … Continue reading

Black Scorpion Complete Series DVD Box Set US Region 1 B00009WVTJ


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Roger Corman‘s Special Collectors Edition Black Scorpion Complete TV Series DVD Box Set US Region 1 B00009WVTJ with closed-captions. The show focuses on Darcy Walker, played by Michelle Lintel, a female police officer, who, by night, takes to the streets … Continue reading

Farscape + The Peacekeeper Wars DVD Box Set UK


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This Farscape DVD box set contains the four Farscape seasons + The Peacekeepers Wars miniseries + 15 hours of bonus features. There are absolutely no subtitles, closed-captions or additional languages. Farscape – The Definitive Collection + The Peacekeeper Wars DVD … Continue reading

Breaking Bad Complete Series DVD Box Set UK PAL B00E3R33H8


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42 pictures of the Breaking Bad Complete TV Series DVD Box Set UK PAL For those who can’t afford the $400 Breaking Bad Blu-Ray Barrel (totally overpriced), here is a nice, compact and sturdy Region 2 box set, with English … Continue reading

Love is War DVD box set B000HT3POW Mr Mrs Smith, Down with love, War of the roses


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Love Is War DVD Box Set (Mr. & Mrs. Smith / Down with Love / The War of the Roses) Nice and simple box set, I bought it new for £ 0.08, its current price is £ 35.95 (i.e. 450 … Continue reading

Critters movies DVD box set UK


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Critters movies DVD collection UK PAL (with English subtitles) = less than £6 ! This DVD box set features all the Critters movies : 4 films were produced by New Line Cinema, from 1986 to 1992. These Gremlins-like fur creatures are … Continue reading

Darkman Trilogy DVD Box Set


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DARKMAN Trilogy – Tapert-Raimi Connection DARKMAN 1 A hideously scarred and mentally unstable scientist seeks revenge against the crooks who made him like that. The first Darkman is a 1990 movie written and directed by Sam Raimi. Unable to secure … Continue reading

Men of Action DVD Box Set I Robot – Rising Sun – Independance Day B000JJSJQY


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Men of Action DVD Box Set I, Robot / Rising Sun / Independence Day ASIN B000JJSJQY 20th Century Fox Region 1 NTSC – 3 discs, 3 slim DVD cases A popcorn movies DVD boxset for £ 0.54 ! RISING SUN … Continue reading

Desperate Housewives Complete Deluxe DVD Collection + Seasons 7 and 8 photos


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Just a few words about the recently released Complete Desperate Housewives Deluxe DVD Collection : The packaging is eco-friendly, but customers complain about the cardboard slip cases/holders. Some discs have scuffs and scratches, some have glu on the play side. … Continue reading

Clean Slate DVD UK Dana Carvey Valeria Golino


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Clean Slate (1994) with Dana Carvey and Valeria Golino, DVD UK Amazon does not provide the language & subtitles info, so here it is: Clean Slate DVD UK PAL, MGM Home Entertainment • Audio : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish … Continue reading

Subtitles Position Fail – DVD ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ Region 1 NTSC


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Caption fails may be funny or stupid… …but sometimes dubbing/subtitling companies fuck up with the on screen subtitles position too. These screen captures from the My Own Worst Enemy DVD (Region 1 NTSC, Universal Studios Home Entertainment 2009) were taken … Continue reading

Why are quality Amaray replacement DVD cases so expensive and so rare ?


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For years I’ve been searching for an European DVD case online store, with high quality cases (clear, not black !), a wide range of products and of course a reasonable price : there is no such store yet ! Plastic … Continue reading