Bastille Day Terror Truck Attack kills 84 in Nice, France


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Nice, 14 July 2016, Bastille Day – A terror truck kills 84 in the French Riviera • A truck crashed into a crowd gathered to watch la fête nationale Bastille Day fireworks in Nice, France (French Riviera), killing at least … Continue reading

Brussels Terror Attacks : Belgium under highest alert level


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Brussels, 22 March 2016 – Belgium is under highest alert level after Brussels terror attacks • ISIS claims credit for today’s terror attacks in Brussels, which left more than 30 dead and 200 injured. • A few days after the … Continue reading

Paris terror attacks – Last suspect Salah Abdeslam captured in Belgium


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Brussels – March 18, 2016 • Terrorist Salah Abdeslam, one of the masterminds of the Paris terror attacks that killed 130, was arrested today in Molenbeek (Brussels), after a four month manhunt. • The police raid came after Abdeslam’s fingerprints … Continue reading

Paris terror attacks kill 128 people, France is under a state of emergency


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(Last update December 6, 2015) Yesterday was Friday the 13th, a really black Friday for France, indeed. A series of terror attacks was launched in Paris, killing at least 129 people. 352 people were injured, 99 remain in a state … Continue reading

Gilmore Girls 2014 Gallery 12 Beautiful Alexis Bledel


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Gilmore Girls 2014 Gallery 12 Beautiful Alexis Bledel, 57 pictures Rory/Alexis & Barrack Obama In the series finale, Rory prepares hundreds of résumés to mail to prospective employers just before she and Lorelai are to embark on a summer-long vacation … Continue reading

Gun violence : Hollywood demands a plan


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One week after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, more than 40 celebrities have decided to take matters into their own hands with a new videoclip demanding a plan to prevent future tragedies and end gun violence. … Continue reading