Doctor Who TV Series 7 Story 230 The Angels take Manhattan Episode 5


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The Angels Take Manhattan – In this episode, the Doctor (Matt Smith) takes his companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) to Central Park in New York City. There, recurring monsters the Weeping Angels (previously … Continue reading

Doctor Who TV Series 3 Story 182 Daleks in Manhattan Evolution of the Daleks Episodes 4 and 5


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Daleks in Manhattan – During the building of the Empire State Building in 1930s New York, the Cult of Skaro continues their attempts to destroy humanity and reign supreme. At the Majestic Theater in Midtown Manhattan in the early 1930s, … Continue reading

More New-York Triple Screen Multi Monitor Wallpapers 5760×1200


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Second batch of DVDBASH‘s ultra-wide 5760×1200 desktop wallpapers (triple 24″ monitors in 1920×1200 pixels) : 30 new wallpapers of NYC skyline, Manhattan and the New-York state. These amazing panoramic New-York pictures come from RFC Graphics., such as in our previous 46 … Continue reading

New York Manhattan Triple screen Multi monitor Wallpapers 5760×1200


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You can quickly judge people by their (crappy) desktop wallpapers. Some years ago I became a multi-monitor display aficionado and decided to make my own triple screen wallpapers. These triple display desktop wallpapers were made for three 24″ monitors in … Continue reading