Eli Stone TV Series Season 2 Cast Photos


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The Eli Stone Controversy: Autism and mercury The premiere episode of Elie Stone attracted controversy due to its plot line, which depicts the hypothesis that autism is caused by mercury used in childhood vaccines. For many years some parents and … Continue reading

Eli Stone TV Series Season 1 Cast Photos


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Eli Stone (2008-2009) is a legal comedy/drama TV series created by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, No Ordinary Family) and Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, FlashForward) for ABC studios. The show was cancelled after two seasons, but four additional episodes were already scripted. The … Continue reading

The Secret Circle TV Series Promo Pictures


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The Secret Circle (2011) is a supernatural TV series based on the books written by Lisa Jane Smith, the successful author of The Vampire Diaries. The show was developed by Kevin Williamson (creator of Dawson’s Creek), a screenwriter specialized in … Continue reading

She Spies TV show Season 1 DVD


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She Spies is a Charlie’s Angels-like action-adventure TV series that ran from September 2002 until May 2004 for two seasons. She Spies follows the lives of three female convicted felons who were incarcerated for electronic crimes (Kristen Miller as D.D. … Continue reading